Tobacco Harm Reduction Afghanistan

Tobacco Harm Reduction Afghanistan

Our mission is to help smokers in Afghanistan by providing comprehensive, unbiased information about safer alternatives. We improve Afghan smokers' well-being by helping them make informed choices based on this information.

THR focuses on introducing safer and low-risk alternatives by providing comprehensive, complete, and transparent information to smokers and ordinary people generally around the world and with a core focus in developing countries. THR Afghanistan assists smokers in Afghanistan to switch to safer alternatives where they cannot quit smoking combustible cigarettes.

Country profile

The World Health Organization (WHO) map, based on the latest data, considers Afghanistan to be one of the countries with lower tobacco consumption. That is, every person in the country consumes between 1 and 499 cigarettes annually. Afghanistan has been a member of the WHO Support Convention on Tobacco Control and has made many advances in tobacco control in recent years.

However, a lot of things have to be done because people still die and get sick from cigarette-related diseases that are still on the rise. The need for citizens' welfare should be improved through accurate information and awareness campaign.

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Tobacco harm reduction: Past history, current controversies and a proposed approach for the future

Tobacco harm reduction matters

A recent Lancet Editorial1 about the slow pace of tobacco control around the world singled out the UK as a leader in reducing the number of smokers.

New GSTHR Briefing Paper: Tobacco Harm Reduction Must be Embraced in Sub-Saharan Africa



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